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Government and Donors to Meet on Reconciliation for Somalia

Today, May 16th, the first so-called Sub-Working Group 1 (SWG 1) meeting on Federalism and Reconciliation will take place in Mogadishu. As this is a very important first step, we think it is vital that the Somali public do have access to what is happening and what will be discussed.

Although, KATUNI is not directly part of the process, we have an objective of sharing documents of importance and have decided to make our website available for that purpose. It is therefore with pleasure that we hereby can share the meeting agenda, the Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Sub-Working Group as well as the more in depth Concept Note for the National Reconciliation Framework.

We hope this process will be as transparent and open as possible. As it appears now, it does seem to be squeezed into the National Development Plan, and UN styled work process, which may risk bureaucratize the process. It is vital, however, that something happens, and it is a hope that this is taken on by the Somalis within the framework of an as independent Reconciliation Commission as possible.


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