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Le Monde Quotes Director Of KATUNI On The New President Of Somalia

Le Monde quotes Director of KATUNI on the new President of Somalia

This is a rough translation of Le Mondes quotes of Joakim Gundel, KATUNIs Director, on the election of Mohamed Abdillahi Mohamed “Farmaajo” as Somalia’s new President:

“… he turns out to be a man with a grip, gaining a reputation as an honest and competent technocrat, reducing the number of ministers, fighting corruption and paying the wages of his soldiers . “This is one of the few who have tried to bring some good public management,” recalls Joakim Gundel, an analyst at the Katuni Institute, which specializes in the Horn of Africa.”  … and asked whether he (Farmaajo) can resist the pressures of power: “Not sure,” predicted Mr. Gundel. Hassan Cheikh was considered the least corrupt when he came to power. He was considered the most corrupt when he left. ”

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