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Women’s Access To Justice And Security In Afmadow, Somalia

Women’s Access to Justice and Security in Afmadow, Somalia

A nuanced understanding of the differences in Somalia’s regions and communities, as well as between different social groups is often lacking. Yet understanding these differences is particularly important as different areas in Somalia have their own distinct security histories, current security conditions, and degrees of fragility. More recently, new areas in Somalia have become accessible and caretaker administrations have been installed. It is unclear who in those areas provides justice and security to the population.

In order to fill these knowledge gaps, UN Women Somalia contracted KATUNI Consult to undertake preliminary field research in Afmadow District in the Lower Jubba Region of Southern Somalia. The focus on one region allows for in-depth insights and reveals how women’s situations are very much influenced by local dynamics. As such, the “Women’s Access to Justice and Security in Somalia’s Afmadow District Briefing Paper,” released as the first in a series from UN Women Somalia, provides a rare “snapshot” glimpse into women’s grievances and access to justice and security in Afmadow District.

Research in other distinct areas of Somalia is currently being conducted by KATUNI to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the situation in the country and empirical evidence will input into and inform rule of law and justice programming for UNDP and others.




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