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KATUNI to conduct Analysis of the Political Economy of Justice in Somalia for the World Bank

KATUNI Consult has been commissioned by the World Bank Group to carry out a Political Economy Analysis of the Justice Systems in Somalia.  The analysis will identify the primary political, social and economic pressures that shape the current structure and performance justice institutions and mechanisms in Somalia. It will cover the overall political dynamics across Somalia, including the broad dynamics that affect all of South Central, Somaliland, Puntland, while focusing particularly on the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) and South Central Somalia. The analysis will cover the broad range of institutions and organizations that deliver justice services such as dispute resolution, law enforcement and public safety, including state and non-state. The second component of the study will consist of detailed case studies of specific geographic areas and topical justice issues.  The case studies will include three to five case studies, including:  (a) One or two districts within Mogadishu; and (b) two to three specific justice/injustice issues that are especially salient for the conflict and/or state-building process, such as land disputes, gender-based violence, or commercial/financial disputes. The case studies will be based on qualitative research and identify areas where further qualitative or quantitative data collection could further address the key questions.

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