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Knowledge & Analysis

We have developed deep institutional knowledge and insight of the situation in the Horn of Africa.

We specialize in analysis of political, economic and social policy issues in the region, with a particular specialization in Somalia.

Training & Understanding

We raise awareness of the region and its issues, such as conflict, human rights and corruption through media, publications and training.

We help our clients to understand the social, political and environmental issues at play in Somalia and in the Horn of Africa.

Network & Innovation

We have an extensive network of local partnerships throughout Somalia and the Horn of Africa, in areas considered inaccessible by most.

We provide our clients with innovative solutions, through iterative hypotheses building and participatory approaches.

About KATUNI Consult

Established in 2009, and based in Nairobi, Kenya, KATUNI Consult is a research-orientated consultancy firm that applies a partnership-based approach, working closely with local professional networks. KATUNI develops knowledge and understanding of environmental and politically complex crises, through provision of analysis, innovative solutions, and training.

KATUNI has the logistical capacity to operate throughout Somalia – and has done so over the past seven years.

KATUNI also maintains an office and operational presence in Hargeisa, Somaliland through a Cooperative. The Cooperative was established in order to move implementation of programmes that affect Somalia closer to the Somali people and give them greater ownership of activities that affect the future of their country. 

KATUNI’s Executive Director and founder, Joakim Gundel, is a well-respected expert in Somali political and security affairs, having previously been a member of the UN Monitoring Group for Somalia and Eritrea, among other engagements.


KATUNI has primarily been active in analysis of the political situation in South Central Somalia in relation to humanitarian access, operational issues, political and financial dynamics, justice and human rights, policy development, and approaches to monitoring and evaluation on the ground.

In addition, KATUNI has undertaken community governance and peace building projects, applying a unique approach to participatory engagement towards more effective and accountable governance, which help communities resolve ongoing conflicts, both within their villages and with their local government.

KATUNI draws upon a wealth of experience and expertise from individuals who have long and extensive working experience in Somalia. The KATUNI team developed a unique ability to independently access otherwise inaccessible areas, through a network of Somali professionals, which KATUNI’s directors have built up over more than fifteen years of working experience in the Somali context. KATUNI’s intimate knowledge of the geography and people on the ground, together with secure communications systems, enables us to successfully work throughout Somalia.

Mitigating security risk is integral to this success and sustainability of KATUNI’s work. KATUNI conducts continual security assessments in areas where it operates in Somalia and understands the general operating environment and associated security risks.

Latest News
28Apr 18

Dib-u-heshiisiinta Soomaaliya waa suurta gal


By Joakim Gundel Geedi-socodka dib-u-heshiisiinta wuxuu muhiim u yahay xoojinta dowladnimada Soomaaliya. Xasiloonida siyaasadeed, dowlad-dhisidda iyo in lagu heshiiyo dastuurka waa in dhamaantood lagu saleeyo natiijada kasoo baxda geedi-socodka dib-u-heshiisiinta…

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